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Vancouver BMW Ducati is located at:
3061 Grandview Hwy, Vancouver
(604) 731 5505

I.  News
II.  Events
III.  Motorcycle Sales
IV.  Apparel
V.  Parts and Service

With everyone getting the familiar itch to get out riding again, we figured this would be a good time to introduce ourselves. The staff here at Vancouver BMW Ducati is a friendly and knowledgeable bunch that’s committed to getting you the best out of your riding experience. Drop by some time and meet our team... especially if you don’t already know our stunning features by heart.


On Thursday, March 10th, join us at 7pm for a light maintenance info session with Dave Kennedy. Staff will be on hand to assist and answer any questions you may have. Meet more people in your riding community, get a few tips from a professional, and have a peek around the shop if you haven't already!

Have you gotten your tickets to the Daytona Party yet? Bernie Ryan's 12th Annual Daytona Party is coming up on March 13th. It's for an excellent cause and as always, Bernie has set it up to be a really fun event you can feel good about. We still have some tickets left, so swing by and pick some up this week!

To learn more about the Daytona Party, check out the Daytona Party Website. To see a list of door prizes available, other places you can get tickets, and more details about the event, hit the thread on bcsportbikes. Hope to see you there!

This month, we're excited to announce the unveiling of the Ducati Diavel. On March 25th, Ducati has arranged for a nation-wide premiere event and we invite you and your friends to come take a look at this devil. Come by on March 25th at 7pm - Vancouver BMW Ducati is located at 3061 Grandview Highway in Vancouver BC. Master Technician Dave Kennedy will be unboxing and PDI-ing the motorcycle while Sales staff walk you through the features and personality of this unique machine. You can even register for a test ride.
Ducati Diavel video

Please note that our "Back on the Road Safety Session" is cancelled for this month and will be rescheduled for a later date.

Next Month...

Vancouver BMW Ducati will be hosting a Ladies' Night  on April 7th. We invite you to join in, and get to know the local community of female riders, as well as the ladies here at Vancouver BMW Ducati. There will be staff from Parts, Service, and Apparel, a relaxed atmosphere, snacks and beverages. We encourage you to come join in! Be on the lookout this month for more details on our website. We'll also send out emails a few days before each event so you can stay in the loop.

We're also still looking forward to the BMW Exclusively Female Test Ride Event
Have you registered yet? Call or email Trish Aylett at (604) 908 2660 or

3asy Ride Financial Plan
BMW introduces the 3asy Ride financial solution for all 2011 models, making it that much easier for you to get your hands on a brand new BMW motorcycle. 3asy Ride is a plan that includes 33% down payment, 3.3% APR*, 33 monthly payments, and 33% final payment. For more information hit or visit us in-store to speak to one of our sales representatives about the 3asy Ride plan.

bmw interview with michael martin

This month Stewart, Ryan, and Andy want you to know about one particularly killer deal on a demo vehicle; a 2010 R1200RT - $3000 knocked off the previous price. Click the link to view a large version:

Also on the floor now, a 2006 Harley Softtail FXST loaded with goodies...

We'd also like to take a moment to mention the 2011 K1600GT and the K1600GTL
Supplies are VERY limited on this new bike, and BMW's stock is currently running low. If you're in the market for a K-series, now's the time to give us a call.

With the weather warming up a little, we've seen some of you in the store taking a peak at our apparel section. Things might look a little bare now, but take heart: our 2011 booking orders from BMW arrive this month. If you'd like to check out our line-up of apparel for 2011, swing by towards the end of March and we'll be all geared up. If you just can't wait that long, check out BMW Motorrad's on-line apparel catalog for a sneak-peak of some of the goodies we're bringing in. There are both a Ride Catalog and Style Catalog available under the "Equipment" heading. And remember: if you see it in the catalog and not on the rack, all you have to do is ask. We do lots of special orders and see most BMW items arriving in just a few days.

And for you Ducati enthusiasts: Come check out what we have in store! The Rossi line of "Doctor" apparel has arrived and we have a range of sizes and just one cap left! We'll also be bringing in some of the new Ducati Diavel gear over the coming weeks, so check back or give us a call soon.

Crash Course: The Stuff your Beemer Gear is Made Of
Jackie Atkinson, Apparel 

   "With different features and functions in the BMW rider's gear, it's nice to know what's protecting you, and how.
BMW has introduced some new fabric types recently that have left many riders wondering where all the Gore-tex® went. Gore-tex was once a staple of BMW gear and admittedly, it’s recent disappearance within BMW clothes had me puzzled at first as I searched for confirmation of Gore-tex and found no traces in newer garments whose predecessors I'd known. The old stand-by has now been replaced by a fabric dubbed “c_change” made by Swiss mill Schoeller®.

The concept behind c_change is kind of interesting: it has the same function as Gore-tex, keeping you dry and safe from the wind, but works in a different way to achieve an even better outcome. When I’ve talked to loyal BMW clientele about the switch, I’ve occasionally been met with a critical, distrustful look – “this isn’t Gore-tex, is this girl trying to sell me some weird new gimmick?” Well hey, I was right there with you when I first heard about the new stuff. But after a bit of reading – including some perusing around on rider forums to get a better feel for practical application – I found that the results were in: c_change stacks up well. Damn well.

Those of us who geeked out over the technology behind Gore-tex might recall that the water and wind-proofing capabilities inherent in the material were a result of ‘micropores.’ Essentially, the Gore-tex membrane contained about 9 billion pores per square inch, the pores being 20,000 times smaller than a water droplet, but about 700 times bigger than water vapour. What this meant was that external moisture couldn’t interfere with your comfort, and any perspiration or body oils could evaporate easily. The combination of weatherproof riding with gear that could still allow the evaporation of internal moisture made Gore-tex a big hit in outdoor gear and riding equipment.

C_change works by incorporating adaptive pores; when the fabric is subjected to cold temperatures the pores tighten in response, effectively creating an impermeable barrier between your body and the elements at work. When the external temperature is hot, the pores open up to allow for increased breathability of the fabric. But even when the pores of c_change are open and expanded to really breathe, you’re still safe from the downpour. The membrane remains waterproof even while providing maximum breathing capability.

When you peruse through BMW riders’ gear now, you’ll find that in the majority of places that Gore-tex once appeared, you now have c_change, and in many cases, Schoeller’s “Keproshield” technology. This material takes further advantage of the features of c_change by laminating it with polyamide and Kevlar to create a tough material that shows a 20% improvement in abrasion, impact, tear, and frictional heat resistance over predecessor products... all while actually weighing in lighter.

Schoeller also provides BMW with “coldblack” technology for its textile garments.  Dark textile suits with coldblack reflect up to 80% of near-infrared sunlight. What this means for you, as a rider, is a long-lasting cool ride that’s a lot more comfortable than you’d expect.
And where there isn’t coldblack, there is TFL®Cool system. Ever been ready to set out for a ride in the summer in your black leathers, only to find yourself waffling on the whole idea once faced with the reality of just how much you know you’re going to cook in there? A lot of us opt for cheaper textile backups for the really hot summer-sun riding, thinking we’re doing ourselves a favour... until we take a spill. TFL takes care of some of your heat concerns by using the Cool system technology with specialized dyes and pigments that reflect heat – up to 25°C on dark leathers. So whether it's textile or leather, light summer riding or monsoon season, BMW's got you covered."

Will Ferrer, Parts Advisor at Vancouver BMW Ducati, discusses the merits of the kind of luggage you choose for your bike:

"Vario Cases VS. Aluminum Cases
Having a hard time trying to decide on which cases you want to buy? Here are somethings that might help you out. First you need to know what kind of riding you will be doing, off road or on road.
For off road purposes the aluminum cases would be the better choice out of the two. The aluminum cases are more rigid have better impact protection and also are easier to clean. They have an option for an inside liner which can and will further protect your riding gear, clothing, camping gear, etc. The lid on these cases are on the top with no hinge which makes for easier access to your items giving you the option to leave them on the motorcycle while shuffle through your stuff. There is a down side to these bags, and the only thing I can think of is the mobility of the bags off the motorcycle. Unless you purchase the optional grab handles for these cases you might find yourself taking a couple of trips to and from the motorycle to bring them to your safe spot.
If you're a city street rider, the Vario cases are for just for you. They are great for your daily commutes to and from work offering a functional yet fashionable look. These cases have a release/mounting latch on the top which makes for a quick grab and go. The vario cases also have an optional inside liner you can purchase. Another great feature these cases have to offer is the ability to expand. Inside, these bags come equipped with an expansion lever which allows you to make your case bigger for larger items you may have to carry. And again the only downside to these cases I can think of is the fact that the lid is on the side of the case.  In order for you to access anything inside and not have your things fall out as you open it, you'll have to take the case off the motorcycle and lay it flat.
Thanks for reading

 With carbon fiber aftermarket and OEM parts, slip-on exhausts, custom clutch levers, wicked paint jobs, LED flush mount signals, fender eliminator kits, the whole works, you can trick out any motorbike now. NCR's Desmocedici-powered M16, however, might just be the king of tricked out motorcycles. The machine is put together by NCR using a Desmocedici engine but manufactured largely using their custom parts and heavily utilizing carbon fiber and titanium in the build, causing the final product to have a dry weight of just 145 kg (319 lbs). Packs a punch, too, with 200+ horsepower at the rear wheel.Take a look at

Service Writer Dan Owsiany has some tips for bringing the bike out of storage and back onto the road:

"Warm weather is just around corner... is your bike ready to go?
Your bike has been in storage during the cold winter months and now you're gearing up to ride. Here are a few simple tips to get you back on the road safely:
Over the months, tires do lose air pressure and if your bike has been parked all winter you'll need to check and adjust tire pressures. Always do so according to your owners manual.  Ensure your chain has lube and shows no signs of wear or rust. 
Although highly unlikely it's never a bad idea to perform a general look over of your motorcycle including all fluids to ensure you have not sprung any leaks and or have any little critters who  have made your motorcycle their warm home for the winter.
Take your motorcycle out and give it a good wash to remove any dust, cob webs, etc. 
Hopefully you have had your motorcycle plugged into a trickle charger while in storage.  If so after performing the above items simply turn key and your motorcycle should fire up without any trouble. "

This month, our parts and service departments are offering 30% off a Termignoni full system for the Ducati 1198 or 1198S. What all the racers use - Ducati Performance ECU, 8% performance improvement and better throttle response. Call our service writer, Dan, for more information and to book an appointment.  Learn more about Termi systems and what they can do to improve performance in your bike by visiting

Want to bring the bike out, but the weather's got you feeling a bit protective of your baby? Swing by our parts department to check out a Guardian motorcycle cover. We've got them in your size. $120 - $160


Diavel Gear

Looking at the Ducati Diavel? Ducati's Diavel apparel line is out now. Check out the casual-wear Shadow jacket: this jacket comes in a charcoal grey color, but as ambient light dims and direct light is shone on the piece, the material takes on a bright white look. This highly reflective material comes standard through the line. Drop by the dealership to see a catalog or check out to view the full line-up of apparel and accessories. We'll be seeing Diavel Apparel in-store in April!

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is:

GoPro's Hero Cam gets your exploits recorded. These handy little guys mount onto your helmet and give a rider's-eye-view for your audience. Click here to check it out. Our parts department has the cameras and the knowledge to get you recording while you ride.
Looking for a Communication System?

The Scala Rider from Cardo is a great communication system for riders, passengers, and friends that clamps onto your helmet with a foam mic that tucks inside. With different products to choose from - and even sync your phone or MP3 players via Bluetooth - the Scala Rider communication systems are a really useful tool and a great way to keep in touch with a group.  $273 and up
Our Sales team would like to let you know that we now have a third section for Motorcycle Sales on our website,  
Motorcycles on our website are updated and checked regularly, so stop by often to see if your next ride is waiting for you.
Following along with the guys on the Steel Horse Tour, we now find them travelling through Ecuador headed for Peru. Their latest blog recounts their experiences in Colombia,

"Colombian people are great! We love them! In fact, we have encountered some of the friendliest people in this country that we have come across in our travels. Colombia’s sordid and at times very violent past was not evident at all whilst motoring through and mixing with the people in cities and villages; with the exception of a heavy presence of police and military. In more than one instance in the northern part of the country we passed a lone armored tank reversed up into the bushes with it’s fearsome turret glaringly at us like a ravenous long beaked monster, just longing to unleash its fury onto some cowering drug runner. The soldier poking out the top gives us the thumbs up as we ride by which we take as a good sign that he won’t open up on us..."

Check out the full blog, tracker, and photos from the tour at 

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